Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne was a Swedish rock band consisting of four women: Stina Berge, Ann Carlberger, Karin Jansson, Gunilla Welin. They released two LP's, "Vackra pojke!" (1981) and "Kärlek eller ingenting" (1983), before splitting up. Karin and Ann then moved to Australia, where Karin Jansson became the partner of Steve Kilbey, lead singer of The Church, and also co-wrote The Church's 1988 hit "Under the Milky Way", and Ann Carlberger became the partner of Marty Willson-Piper, a guitarist in The Church.

Briefly, at the very beginning, one of the members of Pink Champagne was Kajsa Grytt, who later became the leading member of another band, Tant Strul. Pink Champagne then had another name: "Kasern 9".

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