Didrik Pining

Didrik Pining (c. 1428 – 1491) was a German sailor whom some claim discovered America in 1473, almost twenty years before Columbus.


Didrik (also written Dietrich or Diderick) was a native of Hildesheim in Germany. Pining left his home at the age of 20 to go to sea. He is first mentioned in history as a privateer in the service of the Free City of Hamburg, hunting down English raiders and merchant ships in the North Atlantic. Later, he was in the service of the king of Denmark.

It has been claimed that in 1471, Pining was appointed the captain of a German-led, Danish-sponsored, and Portuguese-financed expedition seeking a northwestern route to Asia. It is further alleged that Pining sailed with three ships to Greenland, and then searched further south. He is also claimed to have landed in 1473 on Newfoundland and Labrador, together with Hans Pothorst, also from Hildesheim, and the Portuguese explorers João Vaz Corte-Real and Álvaro Martins. The navigator is supposed to have been the semi-mythical figure named John Scolvus. Pining allegedly made other visits to Greenland, Labrador in Canada, and in 1476 is claimed to have explored the mouth of the St Lawrence River.

The claims are regarded as controversial.

In 1478, Didrik Pining became the governor of Iceland, serving for two years. He died in Vardø, Norway in 1491, at the age of 63.


  • A school in his hometown of Hildesheim is named after Didrik.

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