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Kung Faux

Kung Faux is a comedy television series that remixes classic kung fu movies with popular music, comic book style editing and video game style special effects, and new voice-over dubbing from primarily hip hop personalities ranging from Gang Starr's Guru, Queen Latifah, Jean Grae, Mr. Len, Lord Sear, Roc Raida, Biz Markie, Masta Ace, Sadat X, & Afrika Bambaataa, to break dancer Crazy Legs & reggae musician Elephant Man.

The original Kung Faux series first aired on the websites "" and "" as a video pitch treatment for a proposed film version of the idea in the Winter of 1999 before transforming into its current form and airing again on television in April 2003 in the USA on the Fuse music television channel. From there it migrated to the Starz! and Encore television cable TV networks in the USA and other TV channels around the world including C4, Canal+ Scandinavia, the Bravo television channel in the UK. The show also aired in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam and most of South-East Asia as part of the STAR TV Asia network on Channel V International, as well as the Fox Broadcasting Company and FX channels in Italy & Latin America, in Canada on MusiquePlus, IFC, & Showcase, and in Australia on ABC2.

Kung Faux was first created as a movie treatment in 1999 before transforming into a half hour TV series by the series creator, producer & director, (Michael ) Mic Neumann, through his production company, Dubtitled Entertainment. There are some that point to this time period and soon after as being conspicuously close to the same time that other major media concerns rolled out similarly themed projects after viewing the "Kung Faux" pitch treatment.

Kung Faux creator Mic Neumann and his companies, Popdetail , and Dubtitled in addition to creating television and film projects have also been responsible in the past for creating projects and consulting celebrity hotelier, Andre Balazs, casting celebrities and rising stars of the art world for the legendary photographer, Albert Watson, as well as casting popular video game voice-over artists for Rockstar Games, and most recently working with such diverse music artists as Gnarls Barkley and their American music label, Downtown Records, the actor/artist/producers Eminem and the RZA from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, as well as the premier surfing brand, Quiksilver, the critically acclaimed rock group Queens of the Stone Age, the multi-platinum selling rock star group Pearl Jam, and one of the original Super Models of the World, Helena Christensen, which resulted in the creation and launch of a magazine called "NYLON".

Fans of the Kung Faux series often claim that director Quentin Tarantino performs an uncredited voice over cameo in one of the episodes opposite his friend RZA from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, but the series creator, Mic Neumann, consistently denies this rumor.

The first season of episodes from the Kung Faux TV series can now be found on DVD via Tommy Boy Records sister company Tommy Boy Films Additionally, clips from the original ten episodes of the first season continue to air on broadband entertainment network

Each DVD for the Kung Faux series comes with additional content such as rarely seen short animated films, a personalized "karaoke" game function, and music videos from some of the biggest international hip-hop influenced music stars from around the world including "Petter" from Sweden, Scribe (rapper) from New Zealand, Curse and Gentleman from Germany, and "Madlib", "MF Doom", & "Biz Markie" from America, just to name a few.

The Kung Faux DVDs are intended to feel like a video comic book, graphic novel or Japanese manga series with specially commissioned cover art from famous international illustrators, and a collection of clues and rare content integrated in between the main episodes of the series to help indicate to fans some of the reference sources used in the creation of the original concept designs and ideas found in the overall series.

Kung Faux on DVD is marketed as "BentoBox.TV", named after the popular Japanese style lunch box traditionally filled with measured portion servings of tasty tidbits, and the often seen Kung Faux logo of "Skull & Chopsticks" is a nod to both the innate Asian' creations of Kung Fu films and the bento box, as well as the American pop culture influence on entertainment creations that historically fuels the worldwide lust for "Cocked Fists & Booby Traps". ( )

In the feature film release titled "Grindhouse", the "Skull & Lightening Bolts" logo used on the first car in the film's Death Proof segment & poster is directly inspired by the "Skull & Chopsticks" logo used in the international kung fu comedy tv and dvd series known as Kung Faux, as can be seen at the Kung Faux fan site known as BentoBox.TV, after Director Quentin Tarantino met successfully with Kung Faux creator Mic Neumann during the production of Grindhouse at the celebrated "International Comic Con" event to discuss working together in the future on a possible sequel and The Weinstein Company's emerging Dragon Dynasty brand of kung fu related film, tv, and dvd projects, which Quentin Tarantino consults on.

Kung Faux has also created special limited edition licensed merchandising projects for retail with such celebrated companies as the video game pioneers, Acclaim Games, and the vinyl toy powerhouse, Art Asylum and their Minimates branded series line of action figures under the proprietary "Action Figgaz" sub-brand of Kung Faux.

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Season 1

  • VOLUME 1
    • Ill Master : episode #1
    • Boxcutta : episode #2
  • VOLUME 2
    • Pinky : episode #3
    • Mini Lee : episode #4
  • VOLUME 3
    • PimpStick : episode #5
    • Honey Pie : episode #6
  • VOLUME 4
    • Dirty Dee : episode #7
    • Funky Bottoms : episode #8
  • VOLUME 5
    • Queenie : episode #9
    • Break Boy : episode #10
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