Pilon, Germain, 1535-90, French sculptor. He was court sculptor under the later Valois sovereigns. He executed several sculptures on Henry II's mausoleum at Saint-Denis. In the Louvre are a number of his vigorously realistic works including The Three Graces, supporting an urn that once held the heart of Henry II; portrait busts of Henry II and Francis II; The Virgin; and, his masterpiece, the figure of Chancellor René de Birague. As controller of the mint under Charles IX he made the finest medallions, medals, and coins of his time.
Pilon is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alain Pilon (born 1960), Quebec politician and businessman
  • Daniel Pilon (born 1940), Canadian-born actor
  • Germain Pilon (circa 1537-1590), one of the most important sculptors of the French Renaissance
  • Hormisdas Pilon (1857-1937), Quebec politician
  • Jean-Guy Pilon (born 1930), Quebec poet
  • Juliana Geran Pilon, contemporary Romanian-born American political scientist and writer
  • Rich Pilon (born 1968), retired NHL ice hockey player
  • Roger Pilon, contemporary American libertarian legal theorist
  • Veno Pilon (1896-1970), Slovene expressionist painter, graphic artist and photographer

See also

  • Pilón, a Cuban musical form and a popular dance created in the 1950s

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