pill head

P Jay Crips

The P Jay Crips are a Crip gang that operates in Watts, South Los Angeles, California. They control an area bounded by 112th Street, Imperial Highway, Grape Street, and Mona Boulevard.

The gang structure consists of four cliques: the Bull Side Crips, Funny Side Falcons, Island Side Crips and Pill Head Crips. These cliques are further broken down into sub-sets such as the: Bricc Mafia, Jacc Mob, Squad Up, Tha GK (Grape Killa) Boys, Pure Players Squad and Murder Squad D-Boys. Young members of the gang are referred to as dillions while the older members are referred to as locsters.

Like all Crips, the P Jay Crips have an intense rivalry with the Bloods. However, beginning in July 1987 the P Jay Crips began an intense feud with the Grape Street Watts Crips. During the 1992 Los Angeles riots the two gangs came together briefly and formed the monumental Watts Truce, based on the text of the Israel-Egypt Armistice Agreement of 1949. This truce is no longer in effect.

During the truce, a P Jay, Tony Bogard, and a Blood, Tony Bakeret, aligned with an enemy set, the Bounty Hunters', to form the non-profit association "Hands Across Watts". The purpose of this organization was to form a truce between all gangs in Watts and generally keep the peace. On January 13, 1994 Tony Bogard was killed by a drug dealer named Rodney Compton.


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