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Johannes François Snelleman

Johannes François Snelleman (Rotterdam, 26 December 1852The Hague, 18 May 1938) was a Dutch zoologist, orientalist, ethnographer and museum director. He was a son of Christiaan Snelleman and Sara Lacombe. Snelleman was married three times, to Josepha Hendrika Dupont (1860-1899), Catharina Johanna Elisabeth Augusta Inckel (b. 1870), and Theodora Maria Beun (b. 1887).

Expeditions and publications

Between 1887 and 1889 Snelleman participated as zoologist in a scientific expedition to Central Sumatra (Netherlands East Indies), with the objective to map the Hari River basin to do research into the natural environment and the people. The expedition, organised by the Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (Royal Netherlands Geographical Society; KNAG), was led by lieutenant Johannes Schouw Santvoort, Royal Dutch Navy, with members Daniël David Veth (son of KNAG chairman Pieter Johannes Veth) and Arend Ludolf van Hasselt. Snelleman wrote a book about the expedition.

After the Sumatra Expedition Snelleman and Veth senior and junior kept a close contact. During a later KNAG expedition in Angola in 1884/'85, Daniël David Veth died of exhaustion. Together with his father Pieter Johannes Veth Snelleman wrote a book about Daniël David Veth and the expedition in South West Africa. Later, Snelleman would cooperate in a book series published by Veth, and titled Java, geographisch, ethnologisch, historisch (Java: geography, ethnography, history).

Snelleman was editor of the four volume Encyclopaedie van Nederlandsch-Indië (Encyclopedia the Netherlands Indies), started in 1896 with Pieter Anthonie van der Lith as sole editor. Snelleman cooperated with Van der Lith on volume two (1899) and became joint editor for volume three (1902). After the death of Van der Lith in March 1901, Snelleman completed the final volume (1905) as sole editor.

Together with Herman Daniël Benjamins, Snelleman publised the Encyclopaedie van Nederlandsch West-Indië (Encyclopedia of the Dutch West Indies)

With the same Benjamins, Snelleman started the journal De West-Indische Gids (West Indian Guide) in 1919.

Museum director

In the (late?) 1880s and 1890s, Snelleman was curator of the Museum voor Volkenkunde National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden.

In 1901 Snelleman was appointed director of the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (Ethnological Museum) in Rotterdam (later named Museum voor Land- en Volkenkunde and currently Wereldmuseum Rotterdam) and the Maritiem Museum Rotterdam (Maritime Museum 'Prince Hendrik') in that city. These two, thematically unconnected museums, were placed under a single directorship in 1885. He kept this position until early 1915, when he took his retirement due to ill-health.

Bibliography (incomplete)

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