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Seamus Moore

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Seamus Moore (born 18 June 1947) is a popular Irish performer. Moore entered a talent contest and won with his own composition "The JCB Song". After two years he was presented with a gold disc by his record company I&B Records to mark over 50,000 sales. He has been known as The JCB Man ever since. When touring he is also known as 'Moore the Hurr on Tour'.



He has released several albums including :

  • On The Brew
  • Me Galluses and me Gansy
  • The Tinker's Potcheen
  • The Winning Dream
  • The Pie Bald Ass
  • Fluthered On The Moon
  • Cricklewood NW2
  • Mad To Go Again
  • A Tough Yoke

He also released a 4-track EP called "The Big Bamboo" which consisted of "The Big Bamboo", "The Fly", "Bang Bang Rosie" and "The Pothole Song".

Other hits include "The Transit Van", "Flash The Lights", "The Cobblefighter", "The Lightning Express", "The Crossroads Of Life".

Forthcoming release :

  • Having A Bit Tonight.

Other Occupations

Moore is currently running his own public house in Childs Hill, London called The Castle.


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