List of picture discs

This is a list of picture discsphonograph or gramophone picture discs since the 1930s, listed in chronological order.

Picture discs. First modern picture discs 1970 to 1979

Picture discs. Post 1980

Shaped Discs & 'special pressings'

Band Disc/Song Released Disc Description Disk Size Image
Barnes & Barnes Fish Heads: Barnes & Barnes' Greatest Hits 1982 Shaped as a fish head 12"
Broken English Comin on Strong 1987 Shaped as the 3 band members wearing Ghostbusters outfits holding guitars.
DEVO Beautiful World'' b/w Nu-Tra 1981 Shaped like an astronaut head
Joe Strummer Love Kills Shaped like a gun 7" A gun
Monster Magnet Dopes to Infinity 1995 Shaped like the lead singer Dave Wyndorf's head. 12"
Gary Numan Berserker 1984 Shaped like Numan's head. 7"
Killing Joke Loose Cannon 2003 shaped yellow evil clown head image from the eponymous 2003 album sleeve
Kiss Lick It Up 1983 Shaped like an armored tank
Men Without Hats The Safety Dance 1982 Oddly shaped picture disc of a man and a woman dancing
Men Without Hats I Got the Message 1983
Monster Magnet Negasonic Teenage Warhead Shaped like a mushroom cloud 12"
OMD La Femme Accident 1985
Red Box Lean On Me b/w Stinging Bee 1985 Hexagonal red vinyl. Looks like a red box in 2D; flipside is a band photo. 7"
Saxon Back on the Streets Again Shaped as an apple (as is printed on one side of the disk). 7"
Tangerine Dream Warsaw in the Sun 1984 The record is in the shape of Poland and has several images including Lech Wałęsa and Pope John Paul II. 7"
The Fat Boys Wipe Out Shaped like a Hamburger 7"
Less Than Jake Cheese 1998 Shaped like a piece of swiss cheese. 1000 pressed in yellow. 500 pressed in green ("Moldy Version"). 7"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cheated Hearts 2006 Heart shaped. 7"
The Enemy You're not alone 2007 Square shaped. Has the single cover art on the A-side and a black and white picture of the band on the B-side with track listing. 7"

  • It's a Mistake by Men at Work (1983) - apparently also mispressed as a release by Men Without Hats, though such mispressings were clearly labeled
  • A single shaped like DEVO's famous Energy Dome headgear was planned, but never made it past the test pressing stage.

KISS picture discs


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