pickup joint


Pickup or pick-up may refer to:

  • Pickup (music), a device which detects vibrations from musical instruments
  • Anacrusis or upbeat, also called pickup note(s)
  • Pickup artist, a man who is skilled in meeting, attracting, and seducing women
  • Pick-up (filmmaking), minor shots filmed after the primary filming of a movie to augment what has already been shot
  • Pick-up (gaming), anything that you collect whilst playing a video game
  • Pickup group or Pickup band, a musical ensemble brought together for only a few performances
  • Pick-up line, intended to be short and easy method of engaging another person for sex or romance
  • A colloquial term for acceleration, particularly of vehicles.
  • Pickup truck or pick-up truck, a light truck with an open-top rear cargo area
  • Pickup tube a type of cathode ray tube.
  • Shih-Te, a Zen Chinese poet (literal translation: "Pick-Up" meaning "Foundling")
  • A film directed by Lucia Sanchez
  • Pick-up, a 1955 novel by Charles Willeford
  • Pick-Up (1933 film)
  • Pickup, a biscuit from Bahlsen
  • A pick-up game is any game or sports competition involving players at hand rather than a pre-arranged meeting of established teams.

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