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Call pick-up

Call pick-up is a feature used in a telephone system that allows one to answer someone else’s telephone call. The “call pick-up” feature is accessed by pressing a preprogrammed button (usually labelled "Pick-Up"), or by pressing a special sequence of buttons on the telephone set.

In places where “call pick-up” is used, the telephone sets may be divided into zones. Under such an arrangement, using “call pick-up” will only pick up a call in the same zone.

“Call pick-up” can be directed. Directed call pick-up is used for picking up a call that is ringing at a specific extension number; this feature is accessed through a different sequence of buttons than normal “call pick-up”.

A telephone set can only pick up one call at one time. If there are many incoming calls at the same time, “call pick-up” will pick up the call that rang first unless the pick-up is directed.

Uses of call pickup

  • If a colleague's telephone set is ringing, one can answer that call by picking up one’s own set and then using the “call pick-up” feature, instead of going all the way to the colleague’s desk.

  • “Call pick-up” is often used in workgroup settings, for example offices that answer customer enquiries. In such settings, it usually does not matter who picks up a call.
  • It is also useful in large offices with fewer staff than telephone sets.

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