[pik-uh-dil-oh; Sp. pee-kah-dee-yaw, dee-lyaw]
Picadillo is a dish mainly consisting of ground beef typically found in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, and other Latin American countries. In Mexico and Puerto Rico it is sometimes used as a filling, such as for tacos, and can be mixed with vegetables. It can also be prepared as a type of stew. In most other Latin American countries it consists of a common table from where people pick small beef pieces or other food such as french fries. The name comes from the Spanish word, "picar" which means "to mince" or "to chop".

Picadillo is a traditional dish in many Latin American countries; it's made with ground meat, tomatoes, and regional ingredients. The Puerto Rican and Cuban versions include olives and on occasion capers, (Cubans omit chili powder), and is usually served with black beans and rice.. In the Philippines, picadillo is traditionally made with beef and either potatoes or chayote.


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