M. M. Alam road

M. M. Alam road is a road in Lahore (Pakistan). The road is named after retired Air Commodore of Pakistan Air Force, Muhammad Mahmood Alam who was the recipient of the Pakistani military decoration, the "Sitara-e-Jurrat" (The star of courage) and a bar to it for his dog fight during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965. He destroyed 14 Indian planes with his sabre plane. It is a world record till this date.

The road runs parallel to famous Main Boulevard thus providing an alternate route and a huge business phub for restaurants, fashion boutiques, shopping malls, beauty saloons and decor stores. The road runs from Main Market to Firdous Market in Gulberg. In contrast with Food Street in Gawalmandi, which is located in old city and is considered a budget dine out, M.M. Alam road hosts a variety of flamboyant restaurants in modern Lahore..

It used to be a residential area, which quickly became commercial with the opening up of many private schools and later fashion studios and international and national restaurants such as KFC, Nandos and Salt n Pepper.

It is currently undergoing renovation to cope with the heavy traffic and night life of the area.

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