A photonovel is a novelization of a film or television episode in much the same format as comic books, but using film stills instead of artwork along with the narrative text and word balloons containing dialogue. The photonovel concept was most popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s (though some are still published) before the widespread advent of home recording devices such as VCRs. Several popular films and television programs were adapted to the format.

International Research

In the international research arena, photonovels have served as an empowering tool for marginalized groups to think critically about their realties and then engage in cumulative action to express their political and social realities to wide ranging audiences. Directed, written, acted, and photographed by participants themselves, photonovels have been used in America (Rudd & Comings, 1996), China (Wang & Burris, 1994), Canada (Laura Nimmon, 2007) and South Africa (James and Colleagues, 2005) to create meaning and voice about an issue important to marginalized peoples’ lives. For example, photonovels have been used by Chinese rural workers to create social meaning in order to inform policy, by ESL speaking immigrant women in Canada order to express their health concerns, and in AIDS education interventions; uniquely developed within South Africa by South African people.

Film photonovels

Television series photonovels

Battlestar Galactica

Doctor Who

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The Incredible Hulk

Mork & Mindy

Star Trek

Twelve Star Trek episodes and two motion pictures were adpated to photonovels, though the episode book blurbs and all related material used the spelling "Fotonovel.

  1. The City on the Edge of Forever, published November 1977
  2. Where No Man Has Gone Before, published November 1977
  3. The Trouble With Tribbles, published December 1977
  4. A Taste of Armageddon, published
  5. Metamorphosis, published February 1978
  6. All Our Yesterdays, published 1978
  7. The Galileo Seven, published May 1978
  8. A Piece of the Action, published June 1978
  9. The Devil in the Dark, published 1978
  10. Day of the Dove, published August 1978
  11. The Deadly Years, published September 1978
  12. Amok Time, published October 1978
  13. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Photostory, edited by Richard J. Anobile, published 1980
  14. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Photostory, by Richard J. Anobile, published 1982

Manga photonovels

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