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Azusa Senou

Azusa Senou (Senou Azusa, 瀬能あづさ, born 3 April 1973) is a J-pop singer, and a member of the group Coco.


Azusa was born in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and made her solo debut on 4 September 1991. She was a founding member of Coco, though she left in 1992. She has since retired from the entertainment business. She married baseball player Takuro Ishii in March 1997.

The shoal talent the times when CoCo which has been on the register participated in order that even "winter time idle" about is said with, new idling starting at paradise GoGo! !(Para Go! ! ). They debut then Rieko Miura and also 2 periods maiden private schools as raw. As idling it becomes type rare song with, not only the other member of the CoCo maiden private school, in comparison with idling in that time the expert of ダントツ was. Liking song from former times, while turning コブシ even with the karaoke, mere "the girl we like to sing," it designated the talent which is not as the dew e.g., thermal singing/stating it does ballad. Para Go! ! Even "Sizuka next term Kudou" about it is said from times it has been bought song power, as Kudou it becomes to be on the register in the same production tail wood as CoCo.

Song power is bought, the shoal talent which promptly secedes from CoCo, Toshihiko Takamizawa(THE ALFEE) can recognize the talent, as idling compared to appraisal as a singer keeps becoming high e.g., Takamizawa composes most tunes of second album "HORIZON". Shoal talent itself throwing off the shell, idling, assured heart machine complete change, but music value cannot be discovered, many fans did not stop the treatment which CoCo is similar to last and (was), shoal talent itself a little only the circumstances which such as call in live are agonized and the hand rhythm in ballad thermal singing/stating. Because it was not the kind of existence which is settled in the idle framework, there is also a fact that the fan which buys the song power of shoal talent it was many. Method of singing the ballad in Miki Imai, song power and the voice are some which lead to Miho Morikawa. The artist was associated with Mikiyo Ohno, Erika Haneda, Rieko Miura and Maki Miyamae in the beginning of her musical career. She later announced the association with TOSHI of X JAPAN. making the most of bright engagement retirement.2000, divorce.

In 2004 she returns suddenly with the gravture of the weekly play boy, selling the semi nude photograph collection which uses that photo gravure. The degree liver of the fan was pulled out. After that 2 years or more, as for the activity which activity seems so far, as for purpose and recent condition etc. of photograph collection announcement it continues remains to be unclear.



  1. 4 September 1991: Mou Nakanaide
  2. 15 January 1992: Mitsumete itemo
  3. 3 June 1992: Kimi no tsubasa ~daijoubu dakara~
  4. 21 October 1992: Anata Janakereba
  5. 19 February 1993: I Miss You
  6. 18 June 1993: Shitsuren CAFE
  7. 21 October 1993: Aki


  1. 21 August 1992: Crystal Eyes [PCCA-00388]
  2. 21 July 1993: Horizon [PCCA-00468]

Picture Books

  1. 2 October 1991: Yokan
  2. 25 October 1992: Liberty

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