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Nail Promotional 95/96

The Nail Promotional disc is a compilation released by NAIL (N.A.I.L.). The disc featured Pacific Northwest bands from assorted record labels including: Elemental, Schizophonic, Space Age and Bachelor Pad, Y, Vagrant, It Is, etc. According to Jeff Simpson, he was the creator and owner of NAIL. Simpson owned a record store out of Albany, Oregon called Phonomania Music and Gear. Floater used to play frequent shows in Albany at the Venetian Theater.

Track listing

  1. "Millionaire" - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
  2. "Labor Day" - Goodness
  3. "Mad Bus Driver" - Asswipe
  4. "Green on the Ground" - Jolly Mon
  5. "Eric's Song" - The Jimmies
  6. "Free All the Way" - Calobo
  7. "Girls Tool Box" - Tattle Tale
  8. "Spider" - Webaworld
  9. "Sponge" - Shove
  10. "Lots of Rock N Rollin'" - The Minstrels
  11. "5th of July" - Flake
  12. "Dirge" - Gravelpit
  13. "Timing" - Higher Ground
  14. "Guppy" - Chum
  15. "Ancient Theatre" - Blue Faces
  16. "Memphis Blues Again Again" - The Diggs
  17. "Pankacke Haus" - Spike
  18. "Queen of Hells" - Ninety Nine Tales
  19. "Mr. Fucker" - Arcweld
  20. "Thin Skin" - Floater

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