pharmaceutical company

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

is the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, with overseas business offices in Europe and in the United States. Their American subsidiary, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc., is based in Deerfield, Illinois. Global research and development is split between Deerfield and London.

One of their mainstay drugs is Actos, a compound used in the treatment of certain types of diabetes.

Takeda also owns TAP Pharmaceuticals, a joint venture with Abbott Laboratories. The company has also licensed non-exclusively the RNAi technology platform developed by Alnylam, creating a potentially long-term partnership between the companies.

In 2007, Takeda Pharmaceutical was awarded the Bad Product Award (2007 Overall Winner) by Consumers International. The company advertises the sleeping pill Rozerem to children in its "Back to School"-campaign (“Rozerem would like to remind you that it’s back to school season. Ask your doctor today if Rozerem is right for you.”) The Jury's motivation was that the advertisement ran without noting the very serious side effects that this drug can have, including increased thoughts of suicide in already depressed patients. Takeda pharmaceuticals also failed to mention the precautions on its packaging about children using this drug.


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