Alex de Campi

Alex de Campi is an American comics writer.


Alex de Campi is best known for her 2005 graphic novel Smoke (published by IDW Publishing, art by Igor Kordey), which was nominated for the Eisner Award for Best Limited Series, and her 2006 manga series Kat & Mouse (published by Tokyopop, art by Federica Manfredi). De Campi's work falls outside the superhero genre, with Smoke being a political thriller, and Kat & Mouse detailing the adventures of two mystery-solving high school students (a "CSI for tweens"); she has published work for children (e.g. Agent Boo) and for the European market (e.g. her French language sci-noir series Messiah Complex).

De Campi has also ventured into filmmaking, directing a number of music videos, including the animated video for Flipron's "Raindrops Keep Falling On The Dead", which is to be featured at the 2008 Marfa Film Festival, and for The Schema's "Those Rules You Made". She has given a "BBC Two Masterclass" on shooting videos, for Blast (a BBC initiative to encourage creativity in young people), focusing on her latest video for The Real Tuesday Weld versus the Puppini Sisters.

De Campi was educated at Princeton University, majoring in Art History. Prior to her writing career, she worked as an investment banker in Hong Kong. She is currently based in London.




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