Pervert! is a 2005 comedy horror film directed by Jonathan Yudis. It is a tribute to the films of Russ Meyer.

In the French version of the DVD, another short film entitled Bloody Current Exchange by the French director Romain Basset is included as a hidden bonus.


College student James (Andrews) arrives from New Orleans at a desert ranch owned by his father, Hezekiah (Sandeen) to help out. Soon after arriving, James is hit on by Hezekiah's wife, Cheryl (Carey), and starts having nightmares. James and Cheryl are caught by Hezekiah having sex, Cheryl and Hezekiah have a fight, then she leaves the ranch that night.

Hezekiah drives into town and picks up another woman, Alisha (Jean), who also quickly falls for James then disappears. Cheryl staggers into Hezekiah's "studio" (an art workshop where he makes female body sculptures out of meat), and dies in front of James. He takes her into the house, where he finds his father crying over Alisha's dead body.

James calls a care facility because he thinks his dad has gone crazy. They send out a nurse, Patty (Clarke), who handcuffs Hezekiah to his bed so that the next time somebody gets killed, he can be eliminated as a suspect. In the few days of waiting for the next victim to show up, Patty and James decide to while away the time by having sex.

James reveals to Patty that he went to a Witch Doctor (Johnson) back in New Orleans to help him with attracting females but was misled; his penis can now detach itself from his body and kill people.

A side story involves a sexually confused local mechanic (Yudis, the film's producer and director) and his probably intentional delay in fixing James' car, in order to seduce him.


  • Mary Carey .... Cheryl
  • Sean Andrews .... James
  • Darrell Sandeen .... Hezekiah
  • Juliette Clarke .... Patty
  • Sally Jean .... Alisha
  • Jonathan Yudis .... Mechanic
  • Tula .... Hitchhiker
  • Candice Hussain .... Marissa
  • Malik Carter .... Narrator
  • Edmund Johnson .... Witch Doctor
  • Lucia .... Montage Babe
  • Aurelie Sanchez .... Coyote
  • William Yudis .... Baby Mechanic
  • Jason Consoli .... Frat Boy
  • Andy Curtain .... Frat Boy
  • John Brotherton .... Frat Boy
  • Heidi Yudis .... College Student
  • Derek Berg .... College Student
  • Ren Trostle .... College Student
  • Ryan Johnsen .... College Student
  • Demetrius Markus .... College Student
  • Victoria Yudis .... Dazzling Woman
  • Stephanie Jane Markham .... Additional voices

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