[puh-roh-vuh; Russ. pyi-raw-vuh]

Perovo (Перово) is a Moscow Metro station on Kalininskaya Line. It was opened on the 30 December 1979 along with the Perovo radius at a depth of nine metres. Named after the Moscow district Perovo, the architects Nina Aleshina and Volovich adopted a single-vault design with hinged aluminium lighting elements. The decorative design of the station is devoted to the Russian folk arts. The walls are decorated with blocks with screw-threaded rocks, and original patterns above the entrance portals (by L.Novikova and B.Filatov). The walls are revetted with white marble above and black gabbro below. The floor, which has several high marble stalls surrounded by benches, is faced with grey, black and brown granite.

The station has two exits, both interlinked with the underground subways under the Zelenyi Avenue and 2nd Vladimirskaya street. Presently the station has a relatively low passenger traffic of 49300 passengers.

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