perking up

Tim Sult

Tim Sult is the guitarist for stoner rock/funk metal/hard rock band Clutch. He is also the guitarist for an instrumental side project, The Bakerton Group. Tim Sult has remained the guitarist for Clutch since the group started in 1990.


Clutch emerged from Maryland in 1991, starting out as an alternative-rock band that gained a loyal following. Then through the years, they gradually changed course and transformed into a world class blues-rock band. The group recently released its strongest and most highly-acclaimed album to date, From Beale Street To Oblivion. With its powerful first single, “Electric Worry,” listeners’ ears instantly began perking up and the song is now in heavy rotation on rock radio, winning over a bevy of new fans.


  • Prefers to use .010-.046 D’Addario strings and Dunlop .88 mm green Tortex picks when playing.
  • Tim said in an interview, "I only have a least favorite guitar solo. The would be the solo I played on “The Devil & Me.” I think it’s absolutely horrible! It’s just not what I was going for. So if I could do anything over on the album, it would be that solo."

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