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List of Perfect Strangers episodes

The following is a list of episodes of the show Perfect Strangers

Season 1: 1986

6 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 March 25, 1986 Knock Knock.. Who's There Larry Appleton, who's moved to Chicago to become a photojournalist, takes a job at a corner discount store run by his landlord, Mr. Twinkacetti. One night his distant cousin Balki Bartokomous, a sheep herder from the island of Mypos, shows up on his doorstep. Larry takes him in and helps him get a job at the store.
2 April 1, 1986 Picture This Larry gets tipped off that Dolly Parton is in town committing adultery, so he decides to follow her until he can get a picture to sell to newspapers. Meanwhile, Balki will do a favor for anyone who asks for it, so Larry tries to teach him to say "no" once and a while.
3 April 8, 1986 First Date Larry takes Balki to a singles bar to teach him how to meet women, but Balki's much more adept with women than he thought.
4 April 15, 1986 Baby, You Can Drive My Car Balki wants to get his driver's license, but Mr. Twinkacetti doesn't think he can do it. Larry is so confident that he can, that he bets $50 and offers Balki his car.
5 April 22, 1986 Check This Larry takes Balki to open a checking account, but problems arise when Balki spends without understanding how it works. Meanwhile, Mr. Twinkacetti wants Larry to cover for him to hide his gambling from his wife.
6 April 29, 1986 Happy Birthday Larry is miserable on his 24th birthday after he blew a photo opportunity. So Balki tries to throw him a last minute surprise birthday party for him to cheer him up.

Season 2: 1986-1987

22 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
7 September 17, 1986 Hello Baby Balki invites Gina, a pregnant friend from his citizenship class, to stay with he and Larry while her husband is out of town. Already in a foul mood from having to share the sofa with Balki, Larry goes into a panic when he learns that Gina could go into labor at any moment.
8 September 24, 1986 Humans Like us Larry and Balki join a health club—Balki to get in shape; Larry when he falls for a fellow member. In order to score dates, Larry and Balki try to prove they're jocks, but overdoing their workout might spell trouble for their potential romances.
9 October 1, 1986 The Unnatural Larry's softball team has a chance of winning the championship, but with their star player unavailable, Larry's hopes of winning the coveted trophy might rest on Balki's shoulders.
10 October 15, 1986 Ladies and Germs Larry has a date with a beauty queen, but after going to the hospital to visit Mr. Twinkacetti, he catches a cold. Balki tries to cure him with a secret Myposian cure, but it proves to be surprisingly potent.
11 October 22, 1986 Lifesavers After Larry saves Balki from getting hit by a taxi, Balki becomes his personal servant, but it soon becomes too much for Larry to take.
12 October 29, 1986 Babes in Babylon Larry and Balki win a trip to Las Vegas. When they get there, Larry plans out what to do for their entire trip to prevent Balki from going to the casinos and becoming a compulsive gambler. Balki eventually talks him into it and after Balki has a string of good luck playing roulette, Larry starts playing and won't stop
13 November 12, 1986 Falling in love is... Larry is suspicious of Balki's girlfriend from night school, but Balki refuses to believe that she is just using him to get a good grade.
14 November 19, 1986 Two Men and a Cradle Balki agrees to take care of Gina's baby while she goes away with her husband, but he and Larry take it to the park and somehow come home with someone else's baby.
15 November 26, 1986 Can I get a Witness? Balki takes a job delivering packages for a racketeer named Vince Lucas. After Vince is busted he and Larry are asked to testify in court, but Vince threatens |to kill them if they do.
16 December 10, 1986 The Rent Strike A rent strike organized by Balki and Larry to force Twinkacetti to make needed repairs turns into a battle of wills when Twinkacetti shuts off the utilities.
17 December 17, 1986 A Christmas Story When Larry's planned trip home to Wisconsin is ruined by a blizzard, Balki tries to cheer him up.
18 January 7, 1987 Dog Gone Blues When Balki brings a dog home—contrary to the lease—he and Larry plot to keep Twinkacetti from discovering it.
19 January 14, 1987 Since I lost My Baby After Mr. Twinkacetti forgets his wedding anniversary (for the 16th time), Edwina kicks him out. Balki invites him to stay for a while, but when he makes no efforts to reconcile with Edwina, it's up to Larry and Balki try and get them back together.
20 January 21, 1987 Trouble in Paradise Larry and Balki invite Jennifer and Mary Anne over for dinner, but don't agree on Balki's choice to serve a Myposian meal.
21 January 28, 1987 Beautiful Dreamer When Balki has trouble sleeping, Larry tries to help him discover the source of the nightmare that has been haunting him.
22 February 4, 1987 Tux for Two Larry and Balki become 'big brothers' to a troubled teenager who is always stealing. They do fine until Larry accuses him of stealing his bike.
23 February 11, 1987 Ten speed and a Soft Touch Larry and Balki become 'big brothers' to a troubled teenager who is always stealing. They do fine until Larry accuses him of stealing his bike.
24 February 18, 1987 Snow Way to Treat a Lady (1) Balki signs he and Larry up for a group ski vacation. Although Larry initially refuses to go, he later agrees when he learns that Jennifer will be going. Desperate to impress Jennifer, Larry is willing to go to whatever lengths are necessary.
25 February 25, 1987 Snow Way to Treat a Lady (2) In the aftermath of the avalanche, Larry, Balki, Jennifer, and Mary-Anne are trapped in a cabin, and fearing for their lives, decide to dig a tunnel to safety.
26 February 27, 1987 Up on a Roof Larry enters a photo contest and has the idea of a perfect picture. But to take it, he and Balki have to go up on a roof and shoot it before a storm comes in.
27 March 5, 1987 Get a Job Larry and Balki quit their jobs after Twinkacetti refuses to give them a raise and get jobs at a burger joint serving to rowdy hockey fans.
28 April 1, 1987 Hello Elaine Larry is appalled when his favorite sister, Elaine, tells him that she's going to New York to become a professional pianist instead of going to college.

Season 3: 1987-1988

21 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
29 September 22, 1987 All News that Fits Larry gets a job at the Chicago Chronicle as a reporter and brings Balki to find a job. Mr. Burns, the city editor, hires Balki in the mail room, but Mr. Gorpley, the mail room boss, doesn't want him there and tries everything to fire him.
30 September 29, 1987 Weigh to Go Buddy When Larry discovers that he has gained seven pounds, he goes on a diet that won't work, prompting Balki to give him a Myposian diet.
31 October 7, 1987 Sexual Harassment in Chicago The editor of the Chronicle's Sunday magazine makes a play for innocent Balki. Even though Balki isn't interested, she won't take no for an answer, and threatens Balki's job if he rejects her.
32 October 14, 1987 Taking Stock Balki buys one share of stock in a cereal company and discovers that there aren't the advertised number of raisins in a box. Knowing that the company is cheating the public, he decides to go to head office to complain.
33 October 21, 1987 Better Shop Around While grocery shopping, Balki is excited to win a shopping spree, but Larry sucks the joy out by planning every purchase in hopes of reselling the goods and buying an air conditioner.
34 October 28, 1987 Your Cheatin' Heart Jennifer and Balki sneak around while trying to surprise Larry with a new typewriter. Larry misunderstands and suspects that they're having an affair.
35 November 14, 1987 The Horn Blows at Midnight When a famous psychic visits the Chronicle, she goes into a trance and makes an elaborate prediction ending in Larry's death. Larry thinks that it is just superstition—until the first part comes to pass.
36 November 11, 1987 Karate Kids Humliated after getting roughed up in front of Jennifer, Larry and Balki decide to take karate lessons, but Larry's desire for revenge might be his undoing.
37 November 18, 1987 Night School Confidential Balki is cheated by a con artist who sells him counterfeit watches. After the police prove to be no help, Larry and Balki go undercover to expose the crook themselves.
38 November 25, 1987 Future Shock Even with Jennifer facing a promotion that would send her to Los Angeles, Larry is reticent to tell her how he feels and ask her to stay.
39 December 2, 1987 Couch Potato When Larry and Balki get cable TV, an entranced Balki becomes a couch potato, leaving Larry extremely concerned.
40 December 9, 1987 The Break In When Balki accidently delivers Larry's joke article to the publisher, the two break into the publisher's office late at night to retrieve it.
41 January 6, 1988 To Be or Not to Be When Larry and Balki are chosen to be in a commercial for the Chicago Chronicle, Larry goes overboard with his acting.
42 January 13, 1988 My Lips Are Sealed Larry soon regrets chastising Balki for telling Mr. Gorpley what's in the company's mail when he suddenly needs to know about his impending raise to buy the car of his dreams.
43 January 27, 1988 The Pen Pal Larry fears for his life when Balki invites the just-paroled Vince Lucas—whom the duo testified against—over to their apartment.
44 February 3, 1988 Just Desserts After Balki serves Larry, Jennifer, and Mary Anne some "bibi-bobkas", Larry sees dollar signs, and looks for a way to rush some into production for a fast profit.
45 February 10, 1988 Pipe dreams Tasked by Jennifer to get a plumber to fix her shower head, Larry decides she'll be impressed if he fixes it himself, but finds his plumbing skills sorely lacking.
46 February 24, 1988 Bye Bye Biki Larry has to break the news to Balki that his centenarian grandmother died en route for a visit, but Balki can't quite bring himself to accept it.
47 March 9, 1988 The Graduate Larry looks for a way to help after Balki is crestfallen to learn there's no graduation ceremony for his completing night school.
48 March 11, 1988 Defiant Guys When a tiff leaves Larry refusing to speak to him, Balki handcuffs them together before Larry's big meeting with the Chronicle publisher—and he doesn't have the key.
49 March 18, 1988 My Brother, Myself Hoping to upstage his successful, braggart brother, Larry fibs about his job at the Chronicle, and dupes the honest Balki into helping.
50 March 25, 1988 You Gotta Have Friends When Balki claims to have met—and loaned money to—Carl Lewis, Larry thinks that Balki's once again been taken advantage of.

Season 4: 1988-1989

21 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
51 October 14, 1988 The Lottery Larry tries to warn Balki off playing the lottery as being too much of a long shot, but a frantic search ensues when it seems Balki's lost ticket is the winner of a $28 million jackpot.
52 October 21, 1988 Assertive Training After a series of rebuffs sees Larry taking assertiveness training, he promptly goes overboard in using his lessons to speak his mind.
53 October 28, 1988 Aliens Larry and Balki throw a Halloween party with their friends and after six hours of watching scary movies, Larry wakes up and discovers that Balki is an alien from "Planet Mypos" and is turning everyone into Mypiots by putting vests on them.
54 November 4, 1988 Piano Movers When Lydia wants her piano moved up ten flights of stairs so she can sing for a record producer she's dating, Balki volunteers himself and Larry, but Larry's bad back may be a strain on the operation.
55 November 11, 1988 High Society Larry has an idea to present to the owners of the Chronicle, but has trouble getting into a party that they're holding. Balki getting mistaken for the Crown Prince of Mypos may be his ticket inside.
56 November 18, 1988 Up a Lazy River (1) Larry wants to take Jennifer on the Chicago Chronicle camping trip, but remembering the ski trip, she's hesitant to go.
57 November 25, 1988 Up a Lazy River (2) After the gang gets lost in the woods, Larry sees a chance to impress Jennifer, if he can just lead them safely back to camp.
58 December 9, 1988 College Bound Larry prepares a surprise party for Balki who is taking his college entrance exams. While they are waiting for him to return, they talk about some things they've been through together such as when they first met, the first day at the Chronicle, when they tried to fix Jennifer and Mary Anne's shower, etc. Larry thinks that he has helped Balki come a long way, but it seems that Balki has been helping him more.
59 December 16, 1988 The Gift of the Mypiot Mr. Gorpley's a wet blanket at Balki and Larry's Christmas party, but Balki insists on cheering him up.
60 January 6, 1989 Maid to Order With Larry working late and Balki at college, household chores are being neglected, so they decide to hire a maid. But when the maid acts more like a mother, Larry gets fed up.
61 January 13, 1989 That Old Gang of Mine When Mary Anne's promotion to London leaves Balki heartbroken, Larry suggests he get a hobby, but doesn't expect it to be a motorcycle gane.
62 January 20, 1989 Crimebusters Looking to make a big impression following his promotion to the Chronicle's investigative team, Larry hopes to use Harriette's policeman husband as his ticket to a major scoop.
63 February 13, 1989 Games People Play Larry and Balki appear on the game show Risk it All. Larry's conservative plan to avoid the risky stunts and just answer questions goes out the window when they're offered a chance at a Caribbean cruise.
64 February 10, 1989 Come Fly with Me A Myposian snack eaten incorrectly by Jennifer and Mary Anne leaves Larry and Balki to steward a flight to Hawaii.
65 February 17, 1989 Blind Alley When Larry's star bowler is sent out of town by Mr. Gorpley right before their big tournament finale, Balki end up filling in, but his seeming natural talent for the game is jeopardized by a trip to the ophthalmologist.
66 February 24, 1989 The King and I Lydia's boyfriend hypnotizes Balki, leaving him thinking he's Elvis during he and Larry's tax audit.
67 March 10, 1989 Prose and Cons Larry and Balki are tossed in jail after refusing to reveal their source for a financial market scandal, and wind up with some unsavory cellmates.
68 March 17, 1989 Car Wars Balki's happy to finally have enough money to buy a used car, but Larry squeezes the fun out of the process with his family's rating system.
69 March 31, 1989 Just a Gigolo Balki unwittingly sets up the recently-heartbroken Lydia with a gigolo who cons women out of their money.
70 April 14, 1989 Seven Card Studs After Balki gets cheated out of his money at Mr. Gorpley's poker game, Larry claims to be a poker expert and plays to win back Balki's money.
71 April 28, 1989 Teacher's Pest Recruited to teach journalism, Larry soon alienates the class by imposing ridiculously high standards for their work.
72 May 5, 1989 Wedding Bell Blues On Balki's 25th birthday, his mama has a pre-arranged marriage that Balki must go through with, even though he is in love with Mary Anne. Larry and Jennifer try and find a way to save Balki from being unhappy.

Season 5: 1989-1990

73. Good Skates
74. Lie-Ability
75. The Newsletter
76. Tooth or Consequences
77. Dog day Mid-Afternoon
78. Poetry in Motion
79. Father Knows Best I
80. Father Knows Best II
81. Hello Ball
82. Almost Live from Chicago
83. Home Movies
84. Everybody in the Pool
85. Because They're Cousins
86. Disorderly Orderlies
87. The Selling of Mypos
88. Nightmare Vacation
89. Three's a Crowd
90. Blast from the Past
91. He's the Boss
92. Here Comes the Judge
93. This Old House
94. Eyewitless Reports
95. Bye Bye Birdie
96. Digging Up the News

Season 6: 1990-1991

97. Safe At Home
98. New Kid On the Block
99. The Break Up
100. A Horse is a Horse
101. Family Feud
102. Call Me Indestructible
103. The Men Who Knew Too Much I
104. The Men Who Knew Too Much II
105. The Ring
106. Black Widow
107. Sunshine Boys
108. Hocus Pocus
109. Finders Keepers
110. Grandpa
111. Little Apartment of Horrors
112. I Saw This On TV
113. Speak, Memory
114. Out of Sync
115. See How They Run
116. Climb Every Billboard
117. A Catered Affair
118. Duck Soup
119. Great Balls of Fire
120. See You in September

Season 7: 1991-1992

121. Bachelor Party
122. The Wedding
123. This New House
124. Door to Door
125. Weekend at Ferdinand's
126. Fright Night
127. The Gazebo
128. Citizenship I
129. Citizenship II
130. Wild Turkey
131. Dimitri's World
132. Car Tunes
133. Two Angry Men
134. Missing
135. Going Once, Going Twice
136. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
137. Wayne Man
138. The Elevator
139. The Play's The Thing
140. Stress Test
141. Or Get Off the Pot
142. Chicago Suite
143. It Had to Be You
144. Get Me to the Dump On Time

Season 8 1992-1993

145. Baby Shower
146. After Hours
147. Lethal Weapon
148. Baby Quiz
149. Up, Up and Away I
150. Up, Up and Away II

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