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People's Liberation Army Macau Garrison

Since December 20, 1999, the defense of Macau has been the responsibility of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), which stations between 500-600 troops in the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, primarily as a symbolic presence to underscore Chinese sovereignty.

The remainder of the 1,200-strong Macau garrison resides just across the Chinese border in Zhuhai. Although the Basic Law states that the Macau SAR government may "when necessary" ask the central government to allow the garrison to assist in maintaining public order or disaster relief, Chief Executive Ho has said that, in keeping with the Basic Law the garrison will play no role in internal security. The garrison has maintained a low profile, with soldiers generally wearing civilian clothing when off base and not engaging in business activities.


According to the Law on Stationing Troops in the Macau Special Administrative Region (or Macau Garrison Law, passed by the NPC Standing Committee on June 28 1999), the mission of the PLA in Macau is to defend the special administrative region by "preventing and resisting aggression; safe-guarding the security of Macau; undertaking defence services; managing military facilities; and handling related foreign military affairs." The PLA can also be called upon by the chief executive to help maintain public order and assist with disaster relief efforts. The members of the garrison are mainly ground force troops.

Current garrison

The Macau Garrison is under the command and control of the Central Military Commission, and its budget is administered by the central government in Beijing. A PLA major general heads the Macau Garrison.


  • 1 motorised infantry
  • 1 armored company


Model Type Number Dates Builder Details
ZFB91 6 wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier (Internal Security/Anti-Riot Vehicle) 10 1980s Norinco with 12.7mm machine gun
BJ2020S utility vehicle N/A N/A Beijing-Jeep variant of Soviet UAZ469B
EQ2102 Troop/Cargo Carrier Truck N/A N/A Dongfeng Motor Corporation
EQ2081/2100 Utility Truck N/A N/A Dongfeng Motor Corporation (formerly EQ240 and likely Chinese variants of the Zil 131) and other support vehicles
Type 88 Sniper Rifle rifle N/A N/A Norinco
QBZ-95 rifle N/A N/A

The garrison was temporarily stationed at the 11 storey Edificacao Long Cheng/Long Cheng Mansion. It is now stationed on Taipa Island. There are more troops at the barracks in Zhuhai.

  • Military manpower - military age: Residents of Macau are prohibited from joining the PLA.
  • Military manpower - availability: None
  • Military manpower - fit for military service: None
  • Military manpower - reaching military age annually: None
  • Military expenditures - dollar figure: Not Applicable; note - separate budget for Macau not established by the People's Republic of China
  • Military expenditures - percent of GDP: Not Applicable
  • Military - note: (National) defence, as enshrined in the Basic Law (Macau's Constitution), is the responsibility of the government of the People's Republic of China.

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