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Other People's Money

This article is on the film; for the 1914 book, see Other People's Money and How the Bankers Use It.

Other People's Money is a 1991 "drama/romantic comedy" film starring Danny DeVito, Penelope Ann Miller and Gregory Peck. It is based on the play of the same name by Jerry Sterner. The director was Norman Jewison and the screenplay was credited to Alvin Sargent.

Plot summary

Corporate raider Lawrence Garfield a.k.a. "Larry the Liquidator" (Danny DeVito), always looking for the next big score, puts his sights on New England Wire and Cable, a family-owned business run by old codger "Jorgy" Jorgenson (Gregory Peck). Trying to stave off the takeover, Jorgy hires Kate (Penelope Ann Miller), his stepdaughter, to stall Larry. Before long, Larry becomes involved in a complicated game of cat-and-mouse (and mutual attraction) in which he and Kate each struggle to maintain the upper hand. As he closes in on his goal - taking over New England Wire and Cable - Larry has to decide which he loves more: money, or Kate.


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