Pentamerous Metamorphosis

Pentamerous Metamorphosis is an album by Global Communication originally released in 1993 on Dedicated. It is a reworking of the Blood Music album by Chapterhouse and was originally only available as a bonus CD bundled with the Chapterhouse album. It was rereleased as a standalone album in 1998.

Track listing

  1. "Alpha Phase" – 16:47
  2. "Beta Phase" – 10:46
  3. "Gamma Phase" – 11:50
  4. "Delta Phase" – 10:14
  5. "Epsilon Phase" – 11:26


The 1998 rerelease had minor changes to one track (Beta Phase) to remove an uncleared sample from the film Star Wars.

Though the album is ostensibly a remix album, very little of the unremixed Chapterhouse music remains intact in the remixed tracks, with at most one or two samples clearly recognisable on each track.

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