Pent-House Mouse

Pent-House Mouse is the first of thirty-four Tom and Jerry shorts directed by Chuck Jones (following Gene Dietch's departure), released in 1963.


In the cartoon, Tom is seen living the high life in a penthouse, while Jerry is seen with an empty stomach looking for food. Jerry sees a lunchbox at a construction site and jumps into it to have a meal, but the steel beam on which the lunchbox sits is lifted into the air, then slides off, landing (along with Jerry and the food) on Tom's patio. Tom grabs the food and uses it to make a Jerry sandwich, but Jerry escapes while Tom is eating it. Tom gives chase, which ultimately leads to Tom falling off the penthouse patio and tumbling across the construction site into a building hosting a dog show. The cartoon ends with Jerry now in Tom's penthouse, enjoying the high life as Tom was at the start of the cartoon. Jerry drinks some juice by connecting 3 straws and ends up swallowing a whole ice cube. Jerry decides to just take a nap.


While all the later Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry's (with the exceptions of Haunted Mouse and Guided Mouse-ille) had the same ending with a two-toned, lower-case "The End" on a black background, Pent-House Mouse had a different ending card, the same two-toned "The End" on the same background but in upper-case and in a Boxy type with the "The" sitting atop the "End."

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