Pensée unique

The expression "pensée unique" (French for "single thought") describes the claimed supremacy of neoliberalism as an ideology.

Concept and background understanding

"Pensée unique" is a critique of conformism from political left-wing and alternative parties and organisations like Attac. Use of the term points at the fact of enforced reduction in political discussion by mainstream politics that, for example, prominently reveals itself in the famous populistic TINA-Argument ("There Is No Alternative") of Margaret Thatcher (former prime minister of Britain) that is widely adapted by other politicians (for instance as Gerhard Schröder's (former chancellor of Germany) argument, translated word-for-word from Thatcher’s (German: „Es gibt keine Alternativen...“).

The expression was coined in a January 1995 editorial article in Le Monde diplomatique by Ignacio Ramonet, who is editor-in-chief of "Le Monde diplomatique" and, apart from many other functions and memberships, is a special honorary member of Attac.


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