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Breast Force

The Breast Force (or BrestForce as noted on the packaging of the associated toys) is the name given to an elite force of Decepticon from the Japanese exclusive Transformers series Transformers: Victory.

Transformers: Victory

Breast Force members:

  • Leozack: The first member of the Breast Force to appear. Transforms into a green-and-grey fighter jet. He functions as Decepticon Emperor Deszaras' right-hand man and is much more competent than the bumbling leader of the Dinoforce.
  • Jaguar: A stealth warrior, he transforms into a missile buggy. His speciality is ambushing his victims. It should be noted that Jaguar's kana differs from the kana of the previous Cassettron known as Jaguar (the Decepticon cassette known as Ravage in the English versions of Transformers), indicating that the Jaguar of Breastforce is to be pronounced as the common British pronunciation of Jaguar, while the cassette is pronounced as the American pronunciation.
  • Killbison: The most bloodthirsty and least intelligent of the group. Transforms into a double-barrelled tank. His breast plate turns into a rampaging mechanical bison.
  • Drillhorn: The Breast Force strategist. Like other Decepticon strategists before him, he occasionally loses sight of the little things in favour of the big picture. Transforms into a drill tank.
  • Hellbat: A schemer and easily the most cowardly of the group. He transforms into a dark blue jet fighter and is very dangerous due to his unique talent where he hypnotises his victims.
  • Gaihawk: A violent Decepticon, he spent many episodes of Victory imprisoned. He was later freed by his Breast Force comrades and proceeded to massacre his guards. Transforms into a red fighter jet.
  • Liokaiser: The combined form of the previous six Breastforce members.
  • Deszaras: The Decepticon Emperor in Victory was also considered part of the Breast Force subgroup. Unlike his subordinates, however, Deszaras had two partners, Tiger Breast and Eagle Breast.

While the Breast Force were more than a match for the majority of their Autobot foes, they were never able to defeat Autobot Commander Star Saber in battle despite their teamwork. However, when Star Saber arrived shortly after Hellbat slew Deathcobra, Leozack furiously ordered the team to unleash their secret weapon: their combined form Liokaiser.

Liokaiser nearly killed Star Saber, but the arrival of God Ginrai was just barely enough to force the combiner to retreat. Liokaiser continued to be a major threat to the Autobots until he met his match in Victory Saber. In the final battle, he met his demise when he was hurled by Victory Leo into a huge energy cannon and blasted into deep space.

The reason for the name Breast Force is their toy gimmick. Each Breast Forcer came with a detachable breastplate that transformed into an animal attack partner which could also transform into a weapon. What animal each Breast Force member came with was hinted at in the name (for example, Leozack came with a lion, while Gaihawk had a hawk. Deathcobra's presumably transformed into a cobra).

The toy Liokaiser is notable for removing one of the major flaws of his predecessors: the ease with which a vital part (such as a foot or hand) could be lost. With the Breast Force, however, each part was incorporated into the design of the Transformer (for example, by simply flipping out a certain panel on both Killbison and Drillhorn, they would form Liokaiser's legs complete with feet). The only separate component was Liokaiser's head. His rifle is made from Killbison's turret and Jaguar's missiles

Liokaiser is by the far the most powerful Decepticon gestalt in the Transformers Series utilising the abilities of all 6 members in air and land combat. He has the ability to turn invisible which allowed him to gain an advantage in his battles with Starsaber and Landcross in one episode.

His preferred weapon to use in combat is the spear which he could release deadly spikes that can cut through any Autobot armor or convert it into a chain to ensnare his opponent.

He is a cold and ruthless killing machine who shows no mercy in battle. Upon his first appearance the battle turned towards the Decepticon's favour as no Autobot warrior was able to defeat him. He has only been stopped from finishing Star Saber on several occasions due to the intervention of God Ginrai and the orders of Deathsaurus.

Only Victory Leo could be considered his equal in battle in terms of ferocity and tenacity


Deathcobra is an unfortunate Decepticon who only appeared in one episode. Shortly after rescuing Gaihawk, Leozack reveals to the other Breast Force members (save Hellbat) that he plans to replace the untrustworthy Hellbat with Deathcobra. Leozack mentions that he and Deathcobra had worked together in the past, and that the new arrival would be a much more reliable teammate than Hellbat.

Hellbat (having spied on the others and learned of the plan) attempts to convince Deathcobra to go away. Unluckily for him Deathcobra bluntly refuses, determined to keep his word and meet with his old friend Leozack. Following an altercation, Hellbat accidentally kills Deathcobra and frames the Autobots.

Despite having never been designed in toy form, Deathcobra's single appearance has garnered a somewhat notable fan following. This may be due to the integrity Deathcobra showed in his brief appearance, as well as the grief the Breast Force showed when they came upon his body. His death was directly responsible for the first combination of Liokaiser.


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