Pease pudding

Pease pudding, sometimes known as pease pottage or pease porridge, is a baked vegetable product, which mainly consists of split yellow or Carlin peas, water, salt, and spices, often cooked with a bacon or ham joint.

It is similar in texture to hummus and is light yellow in colour, with a mild taste. Pease pudding was traditionally produced in England, especially in the industrial North Eastern areas - although it is now widely available throughout the country, often in butcher's shops (due to the bacon connection). It is often served with ham/bacon and stottie cakes.

It is a traditional part of Jigg's dinner in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

Pease pudding is featured in a nursery rhyme, ''Pease Porridge Hot'


The name pease porridge is derived from the archaic noun pease (plural peasen), derived in turn from the Latin word pisum.

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