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Dynamite Cop

Dynamite Cop (Dynamite Deka 2 in Japan) (1998) is a video game published by Sega and initially released in arcades on Sega Model 2 hardware. The game was then ported to the Sega Dreamcast console and released in Japan, North America and Europe. Dynamite Cop is a 1 or 2 player, 3D beat 'em up in which players fight through levels to save the president's daughter from a band of modern day pirates.

The game's predecessor, Dynamite Deka, was released in Europe and North America for arcades and the Sega Saturn with a Die Hard licence, titled Die Hard Arcade.


Here's what we know so far. You, a one “Captain Bruno Delinger,” were rudely awakened from your mandatory 3 hours of sweat-drenched, flashback-having, war-ridden nightmares you call your beauty sleep. The phone just rang like an air raid siren in your head, and at this hour you can't help but stand at attention. Seems that the President of the good old U. S. of A. needs your help. A band of modern day pirates has taken control of the world famous “Bermuda” cruise liner. They are heavily armed and dressed like Blue Beard the Biker. This floating fortress of fun also happens to have over a thousand of the most powerful people in the world on board. The President’s daughter is among them, and in need of some major life preserving. You wipe the crust out of your eyes, brush those pearly whites, and suit up. You make sure not to forget your monkey sidekick, “Banana.” He happens to be your good luck charm and goes over great with the chicks.

Just when you thought things were bad, they get worse. The Navy SEALs that have also been called out for this ocean going party know of you and your incredible talents for bringing down the house—literally. You’ve paid more in property damage than in alimony checks. The SEAL commander doesn’t seem to like hot shots and makes sure to politely let you know by yelling and spitting it all over your face. Boy does this guy need to switch mouthwash.

“Look, I'm not here to make friends,” you say.

“Oh really, Bruno?” the commander replies. “So I guess that filthy monkey on your shoulder is your twisted idea of a sidekick.” The entire room breaks out in laughter, sans you. These guys don't seem too supportive of your choice in partners, and your monkey just peed on your back from all the commotion.

“Just stay out of our hair, Bruno!” the commander warns. “This is our show, and we don't need any organ grinders in the circus!”

“You’re right, Captain,” you reply. “Send in the clowns, that's what I always say!” The room goes silent, and with that said, you earn the respect and total hatred of every man in the room. So much for professional courtesy.

. Invade the ship and rescue the hostages, ESPECIALLY THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER. Take out anyone who stands in your way. This is not a P.R. mission, so use any and all weapons you can find. You’d be surprised at what you can use to drop your swarthy opponents, so keep your eyes peeled. Remember, these pirate rejects are playing for keeps, so stay sharp. Now move out before the SEALs start clubbing you.


Captain Bruno Delinger

Some call him Bruno, some call him “Mr. Dynamite,” but try not to call him “Monkey Boy.” Known for his incredible martial arts skills as well as his record for property damage, Capt. Bruno is one tough ball of primate-carrying beef cake! He’s got a trusted monkey sidekick named “Banana” and a real love for seeing things go boom! If he isn’t in the middle of saving the world from terrorists, he’s usually in the middle of trying to save his marriage.

Sergeant Jean Ivy

This Navy SEAL-trained spitfire loves to get her kicks. And she usually aims them right at your chin! She loves sushi and Japanese animation. Her “turn ons” are cat lovers and long walks on the beach. Her “turn offs” are small feet and “mean people who want to take over the world.” Proficient in kung fu and sambo!

Corporal Eddie Brown

Two things relax this guy, reggae and kick boxing! A Navy SEAL since he drop kicked a referee in the NFL, Eddie is tough as nails and eats them too! When not risking his life for the good of his country, he moonlights for a psychic advice hotline!

Wolf Hongo

This ex-hippie turned international terrorist is one bad mama jamma! While being extradited to America his plane went down over the Bermuda Triangle. Because his body was never recovered, many believed him to be shark food. He has since been sighted leading the “Caribbean Crew” in their pirate activities. Known for his dirty fighting and foul B.O., this terror of the seven seas takes more hostages than showers!

Ada Mendoza / Capt. Gonzalez

This cute pair of love birds will peck your eyes out. Always together and always deadly, these ex-circus stars are quicker than they look. Ada’s hip attack is a thing of legend, while Captain Gonzales can go toe to toe with the best of them. The only thing these two do badly is pick their clothes.

Dr Shield

This guy learned all his martial arts moves from reading too much “Middle Aged Sickly Warrior Turtles!” (a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) He is obsessed with comic books and wants to put you permanently out of print! His giant sea turtle shield can protect him from your attacks. Let’s hope you have something to protect your nose from his foul pizza breath!

Katsu Toshi

With double blades in hand and tattoos in places we can’t show you, “Tattoo” Toshi lives up to his weirdo name. Not only is this guy in charge of taking out any poor sap that gets in the way of the crew, he keeps everyone’s nose hair nicely trimmed, His dream was to be famous New Your hairdresser, but he failed hair tinting.

Jumbo Matsu

Once a sumo wrestler, now just an angry, donut eating waste of space. Jumbo fights like he eats, like his life depended on it. His punches are like two greasy pork chops, and his kicks will give you heartburn. Not even the cruise ship has enough grub to keep this guy happy, and he is mighty P.O.’ed! Hurry, throw him a sandwich! Varying on the type of game played, he can also appear as Alexander or Master Yang.

Shell Guard

This guy is one water-logged freak of nature, and his taste in backpacks will have you screaming for the tartar sauce! Once a fast food worker for the CrabLand restaurant chain, he got tired of working for so little money, but he kind of liked the humiliating costumes! His crab shell uniform not only protects him but it smells something awful! Use your head when fighting this crusty creep, and don’t forget to cover your nose!


A wannabe ninja with everything to prove and nothing upstairs! Manji learned the art of invisibility from those creepy survivalist magazines, and he hasn’t stopped swinging his ginsu since. Now hired by the “Caribbean Crew,” Manji uses his mail-ordered cutlery to wreak havoc on unsuspecting sea-goers. This guy needs to get a grappling hook on reality.


Its main character, Delinger (who would have been John McClane if this game had been given the Die Hard license), makes a cameo appearance in The House of the Dead 2 as a playable character via a special item obtainable in the original mode (present in home versions of The House of the Dead 2).

The classic Sega arcade game Tranquilizer Gun (1980) is included as a bonus game. Clearing all missions will enable you to play Tranquilizer Gun an unlimited number of times.

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