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Woodsworth College

Woodsworth College, named after politician and clergyman James Shaver Woodsworth (1874-1942), is a college within the University of Toronto. It is the largest college in the Faculty of Arts and Science on the St. George Campus. It is also the newest of the colleges at the University of Toronto, created in 1974.

The College was originally founded to serve part-time students exclusively, specifically adults pursuing continuing education studies in Arts and Sciences as well as transfer students. Since 1999, Woodsworth has embarked on 'direct entry,' where students are accepted directly from high school. Woodsworth has approximately 6000 students.

International Student Exchange

In 1974, Woodsworth was administering the Summer Program to Italy.

Today Woodsworth College's International Summer Programs sends over 500 students to more than nine destinations worldwide.

The Visiting Student Program

Woodsworth oversees the Visiting Student Program in the Faculty of Arts and Science. This program allows students from other North American universities to come to the University of Toronto and complete credits towards degrees at their home institution.

Student Residence

Woodsworth Residence was erected in 2004 and was designed by the architectural firm Architects Alliance. The residence, located at 321 Bloor Street W, towers over the Pearly gate at the northern entrance of the St. George Campus. The building is a 17-storey glass tower housing 371 students and it offers apartment style living. Suites are self contained individual apartments of 4-6 people. Each suite provides it's occupants with individual rooms; suites are equipped with a shared kitchen, living room and washrooms. There is also an exercise facility, pool table, foosball table, study rooms, and television rooms.

Prior to the construction in 2004 of the Woodsworth College undergraduate residence, the site at 321 Bloor Street was occupied by the Graduate Student Residence, also known as the St. George Apartments. The four-storey U-shaped residence, built in 1926, was designed by the firm of Paisley & Marani and was in the City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties. In 2000, A new residence was built for graduate students at the on Harbord St.

Woodsworth College Residence has a council (Woodsworth Residence Council) composed of students that live in the residence. The council is composed of six positions: president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, social convener, and community outreach chair. The residence web page is

Academic Programs

Students are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Woodsworth College also hosts several programs within the faculty. These are:

In addition, there are interdisciplinary programs that combine courses from a number of different academic departments in the faculty.

  • Academic Bridging program
  • Summer Abroad programs Website
  • International Summer Program Website

There are also certificate programs for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree.

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