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Pe'er Visner

Pe'er Visner פאר ויסנר, born 1957) is an Israeli politician who is deputy mayor of Tel Aviv and is chair of the Israeli Green Party.

Visner strongly opposed a 2006 resolution by the United States Green Party calling for divestment from Israel. Visner wrote, "We are very disappointed that our sister party in the US did not consult with the Israel Green Party before passing this resolution. We hope that this breach in trust between our entities will be remedied with an apology and appropriate action by the US Greens.

In May 2008, Visner opposed a proposal to allow the Nokia Arena to be used for private functions, including weddings, as a way to recoup renovation costs. Visner argued that it was "not appropriate" to rent out the stadium for private use.


Cancer rates in Israel are the highest in the world, because of pollution produced by industry. Factories cause more deaths than all the wars, and the threat is increasing. We have no clean rivers left to swim in, but industrial effluent and sewage continue to flow into Israel’s streams. Our youth go to the army for three years, then come back to find that someone has stolen their beach. We’re not leaving anything of our beloved land of Israel for the next generation. --Peter Visner, The Jewish Community Online


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