PDQ is a three-letter acronym (TLA) which may refer to:

  • pdq (pretty damn quick) appended on to the end of a (usually) spoken instruction or command to communicate urgency. Asserted to have been first used the American stage play 'The Mighty Dollar' by Benjamin E. Woolfe in 1875. It was used in the British military and the more emphatic poq (piss off quick) which stresses the need to avoid the authorities or coming under enemy fire may have evolved from it. pdq was sufficiently established in its meaning post WW2 for some organisations to include 'PDQ' in their name to imply a quick service or fast product.
  • P. D. Q. Bach, fictional composer, imaginary son of Johann Sebastian Bach, invented by musical satirist "Professor" Peter Schickele
  • P.D.Q. [(Pallet Deal Quantity)], a term used in retail to define large quantities purchased.
  • PDQ Food Stores, a convenience store chain in the American Midwest
  • Physician Data Query, an online database developed by the National Cancer Institute
  • The Prose Descriptive Qualities role-playing game engine designed by Atomic Sock Monkey Press, used in games such as Truth & Justice, Dead Inside, and Ninja Burger
  • PDQ (game show), an American television game show which aired from 1966 to 1969
  • PDQ Chocolate, a flavored drink mix - the sponsor and namesake of the above mentioned game show
  • PDQ Manufacturing, a car wash manufacturer of both touch free (brushless) and friction (brush) equipment
  • PDQ ( Pretty Damn Quick) computer performance analysis software developed by [[Neil J. Gunther]
  • PDQ (Process Data Quickly) terminals, which process credit and debit card transactions

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