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Sharon Gans

Sharon Gans (born July 29, 1935, in New York City) is an American actress. She played the part of Valencia Merble Pilgrim, Billy Pilgrim's annoying wife, in George Roy Hill's Slaughterhouse Five. Gans starred in the award-winning documentary Artists and Orphans: A True Drama.

Gans and her husband, Alex Horn, ran the Theatre of All Possibilities in San Francisco until 1978, when its doors were closed due to allegations of abuse. While the theatre did produce stage shows, its work was done by students of a group led by Gans and Horn, ostensibly based on the work of PD Ouspensky and GI Gurdjieff. The Theater of All Possibilities is also known as the Odyssey Study Group, The Work, or Fourth Way School, and is considered by some to be cult-like in its activities.

In October 1988, Gans directed the play The Legend of Sharon Shashanovah, presented at the 47th Street Theater in New York City. Gans co-wrote A Chekhov Concert with Jordan Charney that was performed by the Moscow Contemporary Theater.


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