PC most commonly refers to:

  • Personal computer, a computer whose original sales price, size, and capabilities make it useful for individuals
  • Political correctness, language that appears calculated to provide a minimum of offense

PC may also stand for:

Science and medicine

Law, politics, and business

Transport and places


Product identification


Political parties

Educational institutions


Art and entertainment

  • Piano concerto, a concerto for solo piano and orchestra
  • Picture cover, a method of book binding in which the cover of the book has a picture relating to the contents
  • Player character or playable character, a fictional character controlled by a human player, usually in role-playing games or computer games
  • Pocket ¢hange, a pricing game from The Price Is Right

Other initialisms

  • Postcard or postal card, a thick, typically rectangular piece of paper intended for mailing
  • Preclear (Scientology), a person who has not overcome the "reactive mind"
  • Public convenience, a euphemism for a toilet
  • Program counter, a special register inside CPUs indicating where the computer is in its instruction sequence
  • Proto-Celtic language, the reconstructed common ancestor of the Celtic languages
  • "Partly cloudy", a weather forecast designation mostly used in North American English newspapers
  • Pro-choice, a description used by people who believe that women should have the legal right to have an abortion and the legal right to be protected from coerced or forced abortion
  • Probable cause
  • Prontor-Compur, a standard connector type for photographic flash synchronization
  • The Serbian initials for Republika Srpska

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