Payload Assist Module

Payload Assist Module

PAM (Payload Assist Module) is a modular upper stage operated with solid propellant, used with Space Shuttle, Delta, and Titan launchers. The rocket was used to carry satellites from a low earth orbit to a geostationary transfer orbit or an interplanetary course. The payload was spin stabilized by being mounted on a rotating plate. Originally developed for the Space Shuttles, different versions of the PAM followed:

  • PAM-A (Atlas class), development broken off
  • PAM-D (Delta class), uses a Star-48B rocket motor
  • PAM-D2 (Delta class), uses a Star-63 rocket motor
  • PAM-S (Special) as a kick motor for the space probe Ulysses

Today the PAM-D is only used as the third stage of the Delta II.

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