pavo muticus

Pavo (genus)

The peafowl genus Pavo Linnaeus, 1758 consist of two species of spectaculary plumaged pheasants, the largest of the Phasianidae. Their highly elongated and elaborated trains are decorated with metallic ocelli; commonly called "tails", they are actually the uppertail coverts while the peacock's tail is much shorter and stiff and helps to prop up the train during display.

In captivity, the two Pavo will hybridise freely.


Fossil record

  • Pavo bravardi (Early - Late Pliocene) - Gallus moldovicus, sometimes misspelt moldavicus, may be a junior synonym

Gallus aesculapii, a Late Miocene - Early Pliocene "junglefowl" of Greece, may also have been a peafowl.


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