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[pav-luh-dahr; Russ. puh-vluh-dahr]
Pavlodar, city (1989 pop. 330,748), N Kazakhstan, on the Irtysh River. It is an oil-refining center, and manufactures include heavy machinery, aluminum, and chemicals. It was founded as a fortress in 1720, and remained for many years a quiescent salt manufacturing town.
Pavlodar (Павлодар) is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan and capital of Pavlodar Province. It is located 350km northeast of the national capital Astana, and 400km southeast of the Russian city of Omsk along the Irtysh River. The city has population of 300,200. Most of the people are Kazakhs and Russians. There are smaller minorities of Ukrainians and Germans. The town is served by Pavlodar Airport.


The oldest province centre in northern Kazakhstan, Pavlodar was founded in 1720 as Koryakovsky outpost, near salt lakes. It became the town of Pavlodar in 1861, but, although it did a substantial trade in salt and agricultural produce, Pavlodar population was only about 8,000 in 1897. It gained the name Pavlodar, Gift of Paul, in honor of the newly-born Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia.

In 1955 the Virgin Lands Campaign gave start to modern Pavlodar. Mass youth immigration from other parts of the Soviet Union, industrialization and rapid construction created a fully-serviced clean new city. Since the mid-1960s, Pavlodar has grown considerably to become a major industrial centre, with tractor, aluminum, and chemical plants. An oil refinery was completed in 1978 in Pavlodar. As the location of a major tank factory, the city was closed to foreigners until 1992.

Geography and climate

Pavlodar experiences temperate continental climate with long and cold winters as well as hot and dry summers. The average temperature in January is -17.9°C with extreme lows at -45-47°C. In July the temperature averages 21,2°C. The yearly precipitation amounts to 255 mm.


FC Irtysh is a Kazakhstan soccer club based at the Tsentralny Stadium in Pavlodar. Another notable club is FC Energetik.

Chess Federation of Pavlodar organizes frequent city-wide competitions such as «Pavlodar Open 2007» and Pavlodar Regional Cup on Fast Chess. Some of the contestants are the residents of the federation, FIDE masters, and grandmastersRinat Zhumabayev, Pavel Kotsur, Yuri Nikitin, Vladimir Grebenshikov, Yelena Ankudinova, and others.

Education and science

The universities of Pavlodar are:

  • Pavlodar State University (named after S. Toraigyrov)
  • Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute

for further details: List of universities in Kazakhstan

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