pavel nikolaevich milyukov

Pavel Nikolaevich Medvedev

Pavel Nikolaevich Medvedev (January 4 1892- July 17 1938) was a Russian literary scholar. He was a teacher, social activist, and friend of Mikhail Bakhtin, as well as of Boris Pasternak and Fyodor Sologub. Little is known of his life. He died during the stalinistic purges Holodomor in the decade of 1930.

One of his works, The Formal Method in Literary Scholarship, was believed written by his mentor Bakhtin using his name to escape censorship. This belief was raised during the 1970s in Russia but developed fully in Clark and Holoquist's English biography of Bakhtin of 1984. Now, it is mostly believed that the work was written by Medvedev although influenced by Bakhtin's ideas.

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  • Yury P. Medvedev, Daria A. Medvedeva, Pavel Medvedev Gallary of Russian Thinkers... selected Dmitry Olshansky, Translation by David Shepherd.

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