Patrolman Pete

Patrolman Pete is the brainchild of the UK Automobile Association’s publishing department. Designed to compete with the likes of Bob the Builder, Postman Pat and Underground Ernie, a suite of books for 3-6 year-olds was published featuring the character, his faithful toolbox “Trevor” and his vehicle “Stan.”

The AA even recorded a song, released on 12 December 2005 to compete for the Christmas number one, titled “Ready to roll”; however, it failed to reach the top one hundred.

Like Underground Ernie, Patrolman Pete is an all-digital creation, streamlined, stylized and devoid of the detail that is present using traditional stop-motion animation. Some of the books attempt to teach children various aspects of the Highway Code, whilst other volumes are clearly reminiscent of the shows that undeniably inspired it.

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