[pey-tree-uht, -ot or, especially Brit., pa-tree-uht]
A patriot is someone who feels patriotism, support for their country.

Patriot or Patriots may also refer to:


  • Patriot (American Revolution) those who supported the American cause in the American Revolution
  • USA PATRIOT Act, an act of federal legislation in the United States passed in response to the attacks of September 11
  • Patriots (faction), a Dutch group that opposed to the Orangists in the United Provinces in the 18th century
  • Parti Patriote, a political party for Quebec nationalism in the early 19th century
  • Les Patriotes, those who supported independence for what is now Québec, Canada, during the Lower Canada Rebellion
  • Christian Patriot movement, a far-right Christian conservative movement in the United States
  • Patriot Party, various political parties
  • a person who is loyal and respected to his or her country.





  • New England Patriots, an American football team of the National Football League, based in Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • El Paso Patriots, a soccer team of the USL Premier Development League, based in El Paso, Texas
  • Fayetteville Patriots, a defunct basketball team of the National Basketball Development League team, based in Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Ozark Patriots, a baseball team based in Ozark, Alabama
  • Somerset Patriots, a minor league baseball team based in Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • George Mason Patriots, the name given to the athletics teams from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia




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