Hot Patootie (Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?)

"Hot patootie-Bless My Soul", known in the USA as "What Ever Happened To Saturday Night?" is the eighth song in the cult musical The Rocky Horror Show and its film counterpart The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is sung chiefly by the character Eddie, who is played in the movie by singer Meat Loaf.

Originally this song was intended for its author, Richard O'Brien, to sing in the original stage production, though director Jim Sharman convinced O'Brien to portray the character of Riff Raff instead of Eddie. Its high vocal range had not yet been accomplished by any other actor performing the character. The arrangement had to be altered until Meat Loaf took the part in the Los Angeles production in 1974.

The song also appears on Meat Loaf's Live Around the World album. This song was also covered by the California band The Phenomenauts.

Brian May of the band Queen, also covered this song for his Another World EP, but it was not featured on the album of the same name.

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