patch test

Controlled application of biological or chemical substances to the skin to test for allergy. Small amounts of diluted test substances applied under a patch of cloth or soft paper and an impermeable membrane are left in place for 48 hours, and the skin reaction is then examined and scored from 0 (none) to 4+ (severe blistering and redness).

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The term patch may refer to:




  • Patch (synthesizer), a sound setting for musical synthesizers
  • Patch cable, an electrical or optical cable used to connect devices for signal routing
  • Autopatch or phone patch, used in amateur radio to access an outgoing connection


  • Patch and mosaic, a habitat patch in landscape ecology
  • A small garden where fruit or vegetables are grown (e.g. pumpkin patch)





  • Patch (computing), a fix for a software program where the actual binary executable and related files are modified.
  • Patch (Unix), a UNIX utility that applies a script generated by the diff program to a set of files, allowing changes from one file to be automatically applied to another file.
  • Patch, a 3-D Bézier curve used in computer graphics, or a primitive in some 3-D software packages

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