pat-riots' day

Pat O'Day

Pat O'Day (born 1934) is a Pacific Northwest broadcaster and promoter. He is probably best known as the afternoon drive personality at Seattle's KJR 950 in the 1960s, he would eventually become program director and general manager. He owned KYYX Radio in the mid seventies and early 80s, and served as the radio "voice of the Hydros" during Seattle's annual Seafair Hydroplane Race. According to, he is responsible for bringing the Seattle music scene to national prominence. O'Day currently lives in the San Juan Islands where he sells real estate. O'Day wrote "It Was All Just Rock And Roll", detailing his work in radio and concert promotion. He has three sons and one daughter.

Although a reputation for excessive drinking hurt his image early in his career, he entered Schick Shadel Hospital in 1986 for treatment. He is now Schick Shadel's spokesman in both radio and television advertisements.

In 2007 Pat O'Day joined more than two dozen other radio and music industry leaders as a member of the nominating committee of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.


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