Native countries of North America

The following is a list of names of Native countries of North America—the homelands of American Indian and Inuitic peoples. Autonymic names in Native American languages are in bold, translations of the Native names are in parentheses and quotes. The Native language or dialect of that form of the country's name is in brackets; for example, [Plains Cree]. Names for that Native country in other languages, such as conventional English names, are in a normal font and indented with a bullet unless only exonyms are yet known to the authors, in which case the exonym (in parentheses) is used as the main entry—such as where only the Abenaki name for "Mahican Country" is yet known.

Anishinaabewaki, Anishinaabe Ahiki, Anishinaabe Aki ("Anishinaabe Land") [Ojibwe]

Apsáalooke Issawua [Crow]

Atrakwae [Huron]; the Kahkwa language is unattested])

Báxoje Máyan ("Ioway Land") [Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Language]

Benteh ("Among the Lakes") [Tanaina]

Bodéwadmiakiwen, Bodewadmi kik ("Potawatomi land") [Potawatomi]

Chahta Yakni ("Choctaw Land/Soil") [Choctaw]

Chikasha Yakni ("Chickasaw Land") [Chickasaw]

(Chontalpa ("The Land of the Chontal") [Nahuatl])


(Cuextlan [Nahuatl])

Denendeh ("Land of the People")

Diné Bikéyah ("Land of the People") , Dinétah ("Among the People") [Navajo]

  • Diné Country, Navajo Country, Navajoland


Eeyou Istchee, Iynu Asci ("Land of the People"); The Eeyou or Iyyu are the Northern East Crees, while the Iynu are the Southern East Crees. [East Cree]

Gawi Wachi ("The Place of Nurturing") [Tarahumara]


Haida Gwaii [Haida]

  • "Land of the Haida". Original Haida name was Xhaaidlagha Gwaayaai meaning "Islanda at the Edge of the World". Haida Gwaii is of modern invention.

Haudenosauneega , Aquanishuonigy

Hopitutskwa ("Hopi Land") [Hopi]

  • Hopi Country, Hopiland

Inokinki ("Illinois country") [Miami-Illinois]

Inuit Nunaat ("Land of the Inuit") [Greenlandic]

Jiwére Máyan ("Otoe Land") [Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Language]

Kalaallit Nunaat ("Land of the Kalaallit (Greenlanders)") [Greenlandic]

Kanién:ke, Kanienkeh, Kanyę̂·ke ("Land of Flint") [Mohawk]

Karúk Veezívzaaneen ("Karuk (Upriver) Country") [Karuk]

Kitaskino ("Our [inclusive] Land; Our [inclusive] Territory"), Nitaskinan ("Our [exclusive] land; Our [exclusive] Territory"), Nehirowisi aski ("Autonomous Earth") The earth (aski) where Atikamekw can be autonomous (nehirowisiw). [Atikamekw]

Kulhulmcilh ("Our Land") [Nuxálk]

Lakotah ("Allies") , Lakhota Makhoche ("Lakota Country") [Lakota]

Lingít Aaní ("Land of the Tlingit") [Tlingit]

Lenapehoking ("In the People's Land") and , Scheyischbi ("The Place Bordering the Ocean") [Lenape]

(Mahiganek ("At the Mahicans") [Abenaki])

Manahatta ("Hilly Island" or "The Small Island") [Munsee Lenape]

Mánu: Yį Įsuwą ("Land of the River (Esaw) People") [Catawba]

Mawooshen, Moasham, Mavooshen and [Abenaki]

Mēxihco [Nahuatl]

Mi'kma'ki , Migmagi ("Allies' Land") [Micmac]

Môhikaniks, Monheganick, Mohegan ("Country of Wolves") [Mohegan]

(Msajosek ("The Great Hill") [Abenaki])

Myaamionki ("Place of the Myaamia (Miami)" [Miami-Illinois]

Nanticoke Ahkee, Nantaquak Ahkee, Nentego Ahkee ("Nanticoke Land") [Nanticoke]

Na:tinixw ("Where the Trails Return" = Hupa Valley) [Hupa]

Nayantik, Nayantaquit, Nehantic , Nehântick ("At a point of land on a tidal river, or estuary", "Of long-necked waters") [Niantic]

Ndakinna , N'dakina ("Our [exclusive] Land") [Abenaki]

Nēhiýānāhk ("Cree Country"), Nēhiýaw-askiy (" Cree Land ") [Plains Cree]

Newe Segobia ("The People's Earth Mother") [Western Shoshone]

Niitsitpiis-stahkoii [Blackfoot]

Nishnawbe Aki ("Nishnawbe Land") The territory of the Ojibway-, Cree-, and Ojicree-speaking peoples of northern Ontario.

Nitassinan ("Our [exclusive] Land") Refers to Montagnais territory as a whole. Innu Assi (" People Land ") Refers to those lands within Nitassinan that are owned by the Montagnais. [Montagnais]

No-wa-mu ("Mother Earth") [Jemez]

  • Jemez Country

Nʉmʉnʉʉ Sookobitʉ ("Comanche Earth") [Comanche]

Nunatsiavut ("Our Beautiful Land") [Inuttut]

Nunavik ("Place to Live") [Inuttitut]

Nunavut ("Our Land") [Inuktitut]

  • Nunavummuit Country, Eastern Canadian Arctic Inuit Country


Nuniwar, Nuniwaar ("Nunivak Island") [Nunivak Cup'ig]

  • Cup'it Country, Nuniwarmiut Country

Ñút^achi Máyan ("Missouria Land") [Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Language]

Nutshimiu-aschiiy ("Naskapi land") [Naskapi]

Omaeqnomenew-ahkew ("Menominee-land") [Menominee]


Onyota’a:ka’, Onʌyoteʔaˑkaˑ' ("People of the Standing Stone"), Ǫkwehǫwê·ne [Oneida]

  • Oneida Country
  • O-naˊ-yote-kä-o-noˊ-ga [an Iroquois language]

O'odham Jeweḍ ("Land(s) of the People (O'odham)"), O'odham ha-jeweḍga is a more political designation, as in the "O'odham Reservation/Nation". [Tohono O'odham]

(Osogonek ("Algonquin Place") [Abenaki])

Panaôbskaiiak ("Land of the Penobscots") [Penobscot (Eastern Abenaki)]

Paskwāwiýinīnāhk ("In the Plains Cree Country") [Plains Cree]

Peskotomuhkatik ("In the Land of the Passamaquoddies (Pollock-spearers)") [Maliseet-Passamaquoddy]

Pokanoket ("Land of the Bitter Water Bays and Coves") [Wampanoag]

S’atsoyaha ("Land of the Sun-fire-people") [Yuchi]

Shawandasse Tula ("Southwind Earth") [Shawnee]

Shiwinnaqin [Zuni]

Sḵwx̱wú7mesh-ulh ("referring to/related to Skwxwú7mesh, the People of the Sacred Water") [Sḵwx̱wú7mesh]

Sq'ʷayáiɬaqtmš [Upper Chehalis]

Tatl'ahwt'aenn Nenn' ("Headwaters People's Country") [Ahtna]

Tohono ("Desert") [Tohono O'odham]

(Totonacapan [Nahuatl])

Továngar , "the world"

Tsenacommacah, Tsenacomoco, Tenakomakah, Attanoughkomouck, Attan-Akamik ("Activity-grounds", "Land of Much Events") [Powhatan]

Tséstho'e, Zesthoe (" Cheyenne Land ") [Cheyenne]

Tümpisakkatün ("At the Rock Ochre"; Death Valley and vicinity) [Timbisha (Panamint) Shoshone]

  • Timbisha Country, Panamint Country

Wa She Shu E Deh ("Washo Land") [Washo]

Waayaahtanonki ("Place of the Waayaahtanwa (Wea)") [Miami-Illinois]

Wabanaki [Abenaki], Waponahkik [Maliseet-Passamaquoddy] ("Dawn Land")

Wolastokuk ("Land of the Beautiful River (St. John River )") [Maliseet-Passamaquody]

Wazija , Wazidja ("The Grand Pinery") [Winnebago]

Wendake [Wyandot]

Winem Memen Bos ("Middle Water Place") [Wintu]

Wintʰu· Po·m ("Land of the People (Wintu)") [Wintu]

(Yurúk Veezívzaaneen ("Yurok (Downriver) Country") [Karuk])


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