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Pass in Time: The Definitive Collection

Pass in Time: The Definitive Collection it's the first "Greatest Hits" album release by English singer songwriter Beth Orton. It contains one new song, The Same Day and hits like: " Stolen Car", "She Cries Your Name, "Sweetest Decline" and the title-track "Pass In Time".

Track listing


  1. "She Cries Your Name"
  2. "Someone's Daughter"
  3. "Touch Me with Your Love"
  4. "Sugar Boy"
  5. "Galaxy of Emptiness"
  6. "I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine"
  7. "Best Bit"
  8. "Same Day, The"
  9. "Stolen Car"
  10. "Sweetest Decline"
  11. "Pass in Time"
  12. "Central Reservation"
  13. "Concrete Sky"
  14. "Thinking About Tomorrow"


  1. Central Reservation - (Spiritual Life: Ibadan remix)
  2. Where Do I Begin - (with The Chemical Brothers)
  3. Stars All Seem to Weep
  4. Safety
  5. Pedestal
  6. Dolphins - (with Terry Callier)
  7. It's Not The Spotlight
  8. Don't Wanna Know About Evil
  9. Where Do You Go
  10. Water from a Vine Leaf - (with William Orbit)

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