Lok Satta (party)

The Lok Satta Party was launched on October 2nd 2006 by the Lok Satta voluntary organization. Lok Satta organization has been actively involved in bringing about several political reforms in the nine years of its existence.

The Founder

Its founder Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, is a former IAS officer of the 1980 batch, renowned for his integrity as well as efficiency and a people's activist from Andhra Pradesh, India. He quit his job in 1996, and worked on various democratic movements towards educating the people about governance and politics before starting the party. He claims, "Every individual has certain strengths and capabilities. My aim is to create such an environment that every one of us can use their capabilities completely and get a perfect outcome for their productivity."


Party flag is same as emblem. It contains blue colored rectangle with white colored circle. The white colored circle encloses five pointed blue star. The color blue represents ocean in which all streams are merged. The five points in star represents the basic pillars of democracy.


It originally started as Lok Satta movement in Andhra Pradesh and later spread across the country, including Mumbai (formerly Bombay) with the Vote JUHU or campaign Vote Mumbai Later the organization launched the party. It rapidly expanded membership, and now has over 30,000 in Greater Hyderabad region and over 250,000 members in Andhra Pradesh. Lok Satta party contested in four constituencies in 2008 By-elections for the first time, and was able to gain 10% votes.


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