Generally, a partition is a splitting of something into parts. The term is used in a variety of senses:


  • Partition (law), to divide up a piece of land into separate portions representing the proportionate interests of the tenants. It may also consist of dividing a property with common ownership into identifiable individual ownership


  • Disk partitioning organisation of a disk on PC systems
  • RTOS or IMA partitioning: In the case of Integrated Modular Avionics and the use of Real-Time Operating Systems, there are at least four types of partitioning often required: spatial partitioning, temporal partitioning, control partitioning and resource partitioning. Using these techniques, high integrity processes are protected from other, or low integrity, processes.
  • Partition (database) division of a database into parts
  • Logical partition division of a physical memory into protected areas


  • List of partition topics
  • Partition of a set, a collection of non-empty subsets such that every element belongs to one and only one of the subsets
  • Partition (number theory), a way to write a positive integer as a sum of other positive integers; the partition function gives the number of different ways to partition a number
  • Multiplicative partition, a way to write an integer greater than 1 as a product of other integers that are also greater than 1.
  • Partition problem, an NP-complete problem: given a set of integers, can the set be partitioned into two subsets with equal sums?
  • A partition of unity is a set of functions whose sum is the constant function
  • Partition of an interval, used in the theory of the Riemann integral and the Riemann-Stieltjes integral


  • Partition (music) — a method of creating segments from sets when the twelve-tone technique is used



Political geography

Notable examples are:


  • Office partitions, which may be used to form cubicles
  • Folding screens such as Byōbu
  • Industrial partitions generally constructed of wire mesh panels. These wire partitions are used to separate and/or secure different zones within an industrial manufacturing or distribution facility.

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