parity operation


Parity is a concept of equality of status or functional equivalence. It has several different specific definitions.

  • Parity (physics), the name of the symmetry of interactions under spatial inversion
  • Parity (mathematics) indicates whether a number is even or odd
  • Parity (medicine), the number of times a woman or female animal has given birth
  • Parity Pricing (marketing)
  • Parity bit, in computing, a very simple example of an error detecting code
  • Purchasing power parity, in economics, an estimate of the exchange rate required to equalise the purchasing power of different currencies, given the prices of goods and services in the countries concerned
  • Interest rate parity, in finance, refers to the notion that the differential in interest rates between two countries is equal to the differential between the forward exchange rate and the spot exchange rate
  • Base parity, in human genetics, the G/C ratio in regions of DNA
  • Put–call parity, in financial mathematics, defines a relationship between the price of a European call option and a European put option—both with the identical strike price and expiry
  • Parity (sports) refers to engineering an equal playing field in which all teams can compete, regardless of their economic circumstances
  • In demography, the number of reproductive events (births)
  • Potty parity attempts to equalize the waiting times of males and females in restroom queues by designating or building more women's restrooms, giving them more facilities to use
  • A tactic in othello
  • Militarily, it refers to having a comparable force as one's enemy, such as geopolitically as in mutual assured destruction
  • Parity is a case on a Rubik's Revenge cube that may not occur on 3x3 Rubik's Cube
  • Grid parity of renewable energy.

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