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Oktober Guard

The Oktober Guard (or October Guard) is a Soviet special operations unit first introduced in the pages of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comics and cartoon in the '80s and subsequently the G.I. Joe toyline itself. The name is a reference to Russia's October Revolution. Usually thought to be the Soviet/Russian equivalent of G.I. Joe, they are in fact composed of members from several Warsaw Pact countries. Unlike the Joes, the team is composed of just a small squad and most do not sport a fancy codename.


Originally, the Oktober Guard was to be called the Pravda Patrol with the members sporting far different costumes. The designs were created by Tom DeFalco and Herb Trimpe, but Hasbro did not approve of the design. Further revisions led to the final design as seen in #6 of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comics. The team name was initially spelled October with a "c," but was written as "Oktober" Guard in all subsequent appearances.

The Oktober Guard often operates internationally, protecting and promoting Soviet and Warsaw Pact interests. Despite the fact their respective countries are rivals with the United States during the Cold War, the members of the Oktober Guard are never portrayed as evil, but as military professionals doing their job and serving their country. Their missions often put them at odds with G.I. Joe, but when the situation arises they often find themselves temporarily allied with the Joes against a common foe.

Marvel Comics

In the Marvel comics, the Oktober Guard lost all but two of their members during a mission in the fictional country of Sierra Gordo. With their deaths and the Cold War cooling down, it was assumed the Oktober Guard was disbanded, but their roster was soon refilled. Their last known mission prior to truly being disbanded was a joint operation with the G.I. Joe subgroup Star Brigade. The two groups actually save the entire world. They work together to successfully destroy a robot-filled asteroid that threatens to crash into Earth.


Original members

Col. Brekhov – The original commander of the Oktober Guard. He is killed in action in Sierra Gordo.

Daina – Czech sniper and helicopter pilot and the only woman in the original team. She often has to put up with the sexist attitudes of her comrades, such as being forced to do the heavy labor. She and Dragonsky are the two surviving original members. In the Devil's Due G.I. Joe series, she joins the Joes after mourning Lt. Gorky's death, and takes the code-name Vorona. (see Volga below)

Dragonsky – Flamethrower. First appeared in G.I. Joe Yearbook #2, years after the Oktober Guard's first comic book appearance but is one of the original members. Current whereabouts unknown.

Horrorshow – RPG trooper from Soviet republic of Georgia. He is killed in action in Sierra Gordo.

Schrage – East German infantry. He is killed in action in Sierra Gordo.

Stormavik – Russian para-trooper. He is killed in action in Sierra Gordo.

Replacement members

Big Bear – Russian anti-armor specialist and paratrooper. Doesn't like the Guard to be called the counterpart of G.I. Joe team.

Lt. GorkyRussian Naval Infantry. He is one of the replacement members. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was demoralized by the rampant corruption in the Russian armed forces. In the Devil's Due G.I. Joe series, he is assigned to assist the Joes and Cobra in a joint mission to rescue Baroness and Flint. He betrays the groups to the kidnappers. Gorky is shot dead by Destro.

Red Star – Real name Col. Anatoly Krimov. He has an uncanny resemblance to Col. Brekhov, but their relationship was never explained. Current whereabouts unknown.

Sgt. Misha – Russian Spetsnaz trooper. Current whereabouts unknown.


Wong – The only made-for-TV member, and the only member representing the Asian part of Soviet Union. He wears a blue uniform and a tan cowboy hat.


Volga - released in a Toys R Us exclusive three-pack in 1997, Volga's filecard lists her real name as "Daina Janack," suggesting she's meant to be the same character as Daina/Vorona above.

Animated Appearances

Several Guard Members appeared in the animated series during the DIC Series (1989-1991). They were often teamed with British member Big Ben.

  • Episode 13 Cold Shoulder (Col. Krimov)
  • Episode 15 General Confusion (Col. Krimov/Big Bear)
  • Epispde 16 Night of the Creepers (Col. Krimov/Big Bear)
  • Episode 17 That's Entertainment (Col. Krimov)
  • Episode 24 Stuck on You (Big Bear)
  • Episode 26 Chunnel (Big Bear)
  • Episode 33 Message from the Deep (Col. Krimov)
  • Episode 38 KeyboardWarriors (Big Bear)


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