par affine


[a-fahyn, uh-fahyn, af-ahyn]

Affine may refer to:

  • Affine cipher, a special case of the more general substitution cipher
  • Affine combination, a certain kind of constrained linear combination
  • Affine connection, a connection on the tangent bundle of a differentiable manifold
  • Affine geometry, a geometry not involving any notions of origin, length or angle
  • Affine differential geometry, a geometry that studies differential invariants under the action of the special affine group
  • Affine group, the group of all invertible affine transformations from any affine space over a field K into itself
  • Affine representation, a continuous group homomorphism whose values are automorphisms of an affine space
  • Affine scheme, the spectrum of prime ideals of a commutative ring
  • Affine (Société), A French Commercial real estate company.
  • Affine space, an abstract structure that generalises the affine-geometric properties of Euclidean space
  • Affine transformation, a linear transformation followed by a translation between two vector spaces, or equivalently, a transformation that preserves all affine combinations

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